• Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that is also used by students and staff at UNC Charlotte. All my lessons and most of the assignments are accessible through Canvas whenever there is an internet connection. Through experience, I have formed some opinions about Canvas in my classroom.


  • Benefits of Canvas in My Classroom

    Flexible Time: Students can learn and work according to their schedules outside of class time.

    Flexible Submissions: Students can usually submit late work after a due date and still receive at least partial credit.

    Flexible Location: Canvas is available anywhere there is an internet connection. This means students can keep up while on the road, home sick or visiting out of town.

    Quicker feedback: Many of the Canvas assignments grade immediately upon submission.

    Online: Lessons contain links to a variety of different types of media (differentiation) for different levels and delivery modes for learning. Some lessons are only limited by how deep the student wants to explore.

    Excellent Communication: The preferred method is to message directly from the assignment from either the submission page or the gradebook. Canvas also has its own internal email system that ensures students do not have to use their personal email to communicate with the teacher. Assignments due are clearly dated and sequenced on the Agenda View of the Canvas Calendar

  • Challenges of Canvas

    Grades: Canvas' grade book may not accurately reflect a student's classroom average because missing assignments are not included in the Canvas average. After five days, missing assignments are assignmed a grade of zero in PowerSchool.

    Navigating: Each teacher organizes their classes differently. In my class, students should:

    • Use the calendar in Agenda View to see upcoming and past assignments by date.
    • Navigate using the course menus for a specific lesson to find all the notes and assignments for that lesson in one module.
    • Use their grade book to go directly to missing assignments that are eligible for re-submitting.
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