• CCP Registration 2020-2021


    To be eligible for a CCP course, you must have a 2.8 UNWEIGHTED GPA

    **Visit the CCP link on the JMRHS Student Services webpage for links to the following information**


    CCP Applications 

      1. Select a JMRHS course during registration for each CCP class you would like to take.  These JMRHS courses that you select will be dropped once you have completed the CCP process and are enrolled in your CCP classes. Be sure to select CCP Placeholder as a 3rd or 4th alternate when you register. 
      2. Complete the 2020-2021 CCP Intent Form (ALL students)
      3. RCCC CCP Application (electronic application-1st year students only)
      4. RCCC CCP Student Agreement (electronic form- 1st year students only)
      5. Counselor Approval Form (email your counselor once steps 3 and 4 are complete so they know to complete this step- 1st year students only)
      6. Signed CCP Agreement (ALL students- Green Form)
      7. Register for CCP Classes (A RCCC representative will be on campus in March to register you in classes- you will receive an email about the date and time so provide an email address that you regularly check in the JMRHS Intent Form)

    **You are not enrolled in CCP classes until you have received a verification email from RCCC with your class schedule.




      • If unsure of which CCP course to take, see CCP/RCCC info for information or see/email your School Counselor
      • 2/21/2020:  CCP Applications due to RCCC and your School Counselor (online forms)
        • Submit COMPLETE applications to RCCC and your School Counselor
        • A COMPLETE application includes:
        • Students with incomplete or late applications will NOT be eligible for CCP courses next semester and may try the following semester. 
      • All changes to CCP courses should go through the School Counselor and should follow the JMRHS schedule change process and timelines.  Any changes or withdrawals made through RCCC directly could result in a Withdrawal Failure (WF) for the course and will reflect accordingly on the student's high school transcript. 



    Registration Forms: College Transfer Pathway

    • ONLINE COURSES: The following online courses can be a good match for high school students.  Use the College Catalog to learn more about these courses.  Review the CCP Booklet (or the links below in the seated courses section) for a list of other CCP course options which may also be available online.  


    ART 111 Art Appreciation

    AST 151 & 151A General Astronomy I & General Astronomy I Lab

    BIO 110 Principles of Biology

    COM 231 Public Speaking

    ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry

    ENG 112 Writing and Research in the Disciplines

    HIS 131 American History I

    HIS 132 American History II

    MAT 152 Statistical Methods I

    MAT 171 Precalculus Algebra

    MAT 172 Precalculus Trigonometry

    POL 120 American Government

    PSY 150 General Psychology

    SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology

    SPA 111 Elementary Spanish I

    SPA 112 Elementary Spanish II




    View seated courses on WebAdvisor.

    CCP College Transfer Pathway Courses - Associate in Arts

    CCP College Transfer Pathway Courses - Associate in Science



    Registration Forms: CTE (Career Technical Education) Pathway

    • Learn more about the specific courses in these CTE Pathwaysas you decide which options are best for you.  CTE Pathway students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher.  Those with below a 2.8 may apply but will have to complete a CCP Waiver Form and seek approval from their School Counselor to enroll.  Some courses will require College Ready Test Scores.  


    Note: CTE courses may not transfer as college credit, depending on the course and university.  Students will need to verify with the college/university.  

    GPA weight: CTE courses will be calculated as a standard course weight. 



    Nurse Aid Program Application

    • The Nurse Aide Program is available for 12th grade students only and has extra application requirements.  Nurse Aide Applications are due to JMRHS School Counselors by February 21st.  Come to Student Services for a Nurse Aide Information Packet.


    Candidates must attend one of the information sessions at RCCC:  

    • March 2nd @ NCRC Campus
    • March 5th @ South Campus
Last Modified on February 6, 2020