New Enrollments

  • The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has restricted any enrollment, transfers and withdrawals and transfers at this time. Therefore, in the interest in promoting the safety and well-being of our community we will not conduct enrollment meetings while schools are closed. 

    Students who have relocated whose most recent school has not been in session are encouraged to stay connected to their current school’s resources and remote learning opportunities.

    Parents who have recently relocated to our attendance zone can complete the enrollment form located here and provide two separate proofs of domicile from each of the required sources, and all other required information listed here, along with previous school transcripts, if available. This information should be scanned and emailed to 

    When school resumes you and your student will be required to come to our office and meet with Lisa Ryan (Registrar) who can notarize your enrollment packet. Once the enrollment form is approved and notarized your child will be officially enrolled. Our registrar may have questions for you prior to school returning so please respond to her emails and phone calls to ensure enrollment and class assignment is expedited when school resumes.


    Enrollment Overview 

    • We are glad you are considering enrolling at Hickory Ridge High School!
    • Begin by reading this page & downloading the Enrollment Checklist form.
    • Expedite your enrollment appointment by making sure you have all Enrollment Checklist documents.


    Three Steps to Enrollment

    1. COMPLETE - Download and complete the Enrollment Checklist  form.
    2. ENROLLMENT - after completing the Enrollment Checklist, you will need to contact Lisa Ryan, Registrar, to schedule an appointment to verify enrollment eligibility and take care of any necessary paperwork.
    3. REGISTRATION - once enrollment eligibility has been verified and required documentation received, you will be scheduled for an appointment with a school counselor to create a schedule.


    Documentation Check List

    1.  PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION (one source)

    • NC Driver License or ID
    • Matricula Consular
    • Work Authorization Card
    • Government Issued Driver License/ID 
    • Passport
    • Visitor's Visa
    • Border Crossing Card

    2.  PROOF OF DOMICILE: (two sources)

    • New Construction (building a new house): Review Items A and B
    • Existing Residence (living/moving):  Reference Item C

    A.  Do you currently live outside Cabarrus County Schools' district?

    • Proof of domicile of your current address is required
    • A copy of your lease/house contract (no contingency clause) and closing statement with signatures included is required.
    • A letter of intent from your contractor or bank which includes the closing date is required.
    • A signed release from the school district in which you currently reside is required.  

    B.  Do you currently reside within Cabarrus County Schools' district?

    • Proof of domicile of your current address is required.
    • A copy of the lease/house contract (no contingency clause) and closing statement with signatures included is required.
    • A letter of intent from contractor or bank to include closing date is required.  

    C.  Proof of Domicile Source Options (two sources, one from each list below):

    • One of these in your name...
      • House Deed
      • Current Lease Agreement
      • Closing or Settlement Statement
      • Current Property Tax Statement
      • Certificate of Domicile* 
    • and one of these in your name...
      • Motor Vehicle Registration
      • Non-Expired NDDL/NCID
      • Recent Pay Stub
      • Current Medical Card
      • Utility Bill (water, cable, satellite, gas, electricity or proof of new services)


    • May be a copy
    • Must have parents' names on it


    • Only required if student is residing with someone other than a parent listed on the birth certificate.
    • Guardianship must be established through the courts and signed by a judge (unless the family meets criteria found in G.S. 115C-366).
    • We are not able to accept notarized statements or Power of Attorney documents.


    • Official copy from your physician.
    • We are not able to accept the immunication records found on a transcript or other school record.

    6.  SCHOOL RECORDS (Withdrawal Form, Report Card, Official Transcript)

    • Must show promotion to grade level in which you are intending to enroll.  
    • Must show all credits earned at previous schools.
    • Must show 8th Grade Report Card if new rising 9th Grader.


    For more information about the enrollment process please contact Lisa Ryan, HRHS Registrar, at 704-260-6639 or



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Last Modified on March 20, 2020