• Week 2 update:

    Hello K families!

    You made it through your first week of Kindergarten! I hope all of your children felt comfortable, safe and had fun this week with us and the Cox Mill family.

    Next week will be another fun and busy week. We will continue to explore procedures at school and in the classroom so that your children understand the do’s and do not’s of school.

    What are we learning?
    *Mandarin- This week we will learn salutations and mini book 'What's your name'. Kids will be able to greet people in Mandarin and introduce their Mandarin name.
    *Math- This week we will learn some basics about numbers. We will focus on the numbers 1-10. We will learn to recognize them, put them in order, and write them!
    *Science/Social Studies- The first Social Studies unit is on Citizenship and Culture. This week we will be learning about how we can be a good citizen in our classroom and in our school by following the rules and being kind to one another. We will work together to create classroom do’s and don’ts!

    Dates to remember:
    Each Friday is spirit day! Wear your Cox Mill t-shirt on Friday’s this year!
    September 6- Labor Day Holiday- No School

    Things to be practicing at home:
    *Tying shoes, ZIPPING COATS, Turning Coats right side out (as it gets colder this is very important!!)
    *Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's
    *Letters and sounds
    *Reading books
    *Practice writing 0-10 the correct way at home!
    *Writing name in upper and lowercase letters
    *Learn their birthday
    *Opening snack and lunch items alone
    *Recognize numbers 1-20
    *Pack and unpack backpack alone

    CMES Comet Spirit Rock: The Comet Rock can be used to celebrate birthdays, milestones and send inspiring messages!
    Want to paint our spirit rock for your child’s birthday? Here is the link:
    Spirit Rock

    Our invest in your child campaign is in full swing! Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. All of the money goes directly to the school and is given to teachers and to other parts of the school to improve the learning environment for your kids! Here is a link to a video about this campaign.
    Invest in your child

    Scholastic Book Club is a great way to order books for your child. If you use our class code RFR82 then we will earn points for me to buy books for the classroom. Go to their website at clubs.scholastic.com and enter our class code. The books can now be shipped to your house!

    Please email us anytime with questions or concerns! Have a wonderful week!