• **Homework week of 9/30 is reviewing vocabulary for our quiz Friday.  Monday students will have a review sheet to complete for homework, and is due Wednesday.  Quiz on the words will be Friday. Note: ALPS classes will also need to spell the words for the quiz.  Students may review the words using my Quizlet link under useful links.  



    Students will have two types of ELA homework:

    1) Nightly IRB Reading: Each quarter students will set goals for how many books they will read. In order to meet this goal, in addition to our daily reading in class, students must also read their IRB at home a minimum of 3 nights a week.  

    2) Article of the Week: Each 5 day week, students will have an Article of the Week - an article about a current event, along with an assignment.  Articles will be given out Mondays, and will be due Friday.  **Part of the grade will be students recording their thinking, or annotating, the article.**


Last Modified on September 29, 2019