Cabarrus County Schools Scholarships

  • The list of "assignments" below is provided for your review and consideration. Any scholarship we have been made aware of is listed as an "assignment." Once the deadline has passed the scholarship will move from "Current" to "Past Due" status.

    Students and families are encouraged to thoroughly review scholarship materials and on-line resources, become informed on what resources are availalbe and stay in contact with school counselors about assistance and awared to help pay for college.

    Please note:  Some scholarships listed must be submitted through the school.  Counselors need time to process these applications prior to timely submission to funders and benefactors.  As a result, the internal deadlines will be earlier than those listed on the benefactor's website and this page in some cases.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consult your school counselor to know the internal deadlines and terms.

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Current Assignments

Past Due Assignments