• Dept. Policies for Plagiarism, Testing, and Grading

    Plagiarism Policy/Cheating:

    1. Students may not reuse work completed for another class in English, nor may they resubmit work (identical or similar) completed in English to another class.
    2. Unless specifically stated, students may not work together to complete homework.
    3. Turning in the same assignment when partner work has not been assigned will result in a zero for both parties.
    4. Written work for formal papers submitted by students should be their own work and reflect their own ideas. Failing to cite sources or copying directly from a source will not be tolerated.  Depending on the severity of the offense, students who plagiarize may face a sizable point deduction and/or be required to redo an assignment with an entirely new topic.  All papers are subject to Turnitin.com.
    5. A Student Behavior Referral will be given to administration for all students who are caught cheating or plagiarizing.

    Testing Procedures:  Classroom testing procedures will mirror EOC/NCFE testing procedures.  Upon entering the classroom on testing days, students will be expected to do the following.

    1. Turn cell phones (and other devices such as tablets or Apple watches that can connect to the Internet) off and place in the pocket chart in the front of the room. This will be monitored by the teacher as students add their devices and during the testing session.
    2. Line book bags on the floor along the front wall under the white board/smart board.
    3. Any student caught talking to a classmate or using a phone or device before ALL testing materials have been collected will immediately be considered cheating and subject to the penalties laid out under plagiarism/cheating.
    4. After all of the testing materials have been collected, the teacher will redistribute phones/devices individually and students will have an opportunity to collect their book bags.

    English Department Grading Policies

    1. Unless otherwise noted, assignments are due at the beginning of class. If the student does not have the assignment ready for any reason, it will be considered late. Any assignment in the homework category submitted late will have a ten point reduction per day up to five days. After that time, the grade will remain a zero.
    2. Assignments worth quiz or test grades submitted late will earn a reduction of ten points per school day.
    3. A composition due to turnitin.com is due by the time assigned by the teacher. (NOT after class)
    4. English teachers will no longer drop a class/homework grade at the end of a nine week period, a practice from our former policy.

    Gradebook setup (weighted averages):

    Standard classes:

    tests 30%, quizzes 25%, classwork 25%, homework 20%

    Honors classes:

    tests 35%, quizzes 25%, classwork 20%, homework 20%

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Last Modified on August 11, 2020