Discrete Math Honors

  • What Did I Miss 4th Period

    Additional class infomation and documents can be found on Canvas!


    Classwork will be assigned daily and you are expected to give each assignment your full attention and best effort.

    • At times, the teacher may take up classwork or homework and grade it for correctness. These times will be at random, so students should attempt all assignments and take them seriously.
    • Classwork/Homework assignments must be turned in on time. If an assignment is turned in late, the highest possible grade you will receive is 60%. All missing classwork/homework assignments will be put into PowerSchool as a grade of 1.
    • All classwork/homework assignments with a grade of 1 must be turned in to the teacher before the day of the unit test or the student will not receive credit for the assignment.
    • All assignments will be submitted through Canvas unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
    • All work must be shown to receive full credit on assignments. If necessary work is not shown, the highest grade you will receive on the assignment is 80%. You may choose to show all work in a notebook instead of showing work on the document you turn in on Canvas

    Make-Up Work Policy:

    • Students are responsible for obtaining all notes and classwork assignments when they miss a day of class.  Notes are updated each day in the “What Did I Miss?” folder that can be found on both the teacher’s website and the homepage on Canvas.  All classwork assignments will be posted to Canvas.
    • Any previously assigned work is due the day the student returns and points will not be deducted.
    • For each day missed, the student will have two days to complete their missed assignments without points being deducted.
    • If a student misses a quiz, they have up to one week to make it up.
    • If a student misses a test, they have until the next unit’s test to make it up.
    • Use your Central Connections time wisely!

    Test Remediation:

    • Test remediation will be completed on every test taken in class to ensure mastery of the topics we cover. You will have two Central Connections blocks to complete the remediation assignments and these remediation assignments will be taken as a grade. If your original test grade is below a 60%, I will replace your test grade with a 60% after all required remediation assignments have been completed and submitted.  Test remediation must be completed in my classroom during Central Connections time