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    The Theatre Department at Mount Pleasant Middle School has much to celebrate, as they bring home honors from the 2018 NCTC Middle School Play Festival, held at Spirit Square in Charlotte, NC  on Saturday, March 24. The theatre program, led by Marnie Stoker, made the school and community proud with their presentation of Letters at the Festival, and is thrilled to bring home the following awards: Overall Excellent Rating, Festival Spirit Award and Excellence in Acting Award.

    The NCTC Middle School Play Festival strengthens arts education in schools by bringing curriculum to life, challenging students to do their very best work, and contributing to the development of future audiences for live performing arts. This year, over 400 students from 17 schools presented 19 productions at 2 regional sites across the state!

    The atmosphere at the Play Festival is positive and exciting, and students are filled with energy as they watch shows, learn from their peers and make new theatre friends. Schools travel with theatrical sets and load-in to a 10’x10’ backstage area. Before their 45 minute time limit begins, students eagerly await hearing the starting phrase, “Your time begins NOW!”, to which they respond with an enthusiastic reply. The 45 minute time limit includes setting up, performing the play and clearing the stage. Following their performance, students join their peers in the cheering audience to receive feedback from professional actors and directors with Broadway and Hollywood credits. Actors, designers, writers, directors and teachers are celebrated, and bring home awards that are displayed beside school sports trophies.

    The NCTC Middle School Play Festival is made possible with support from the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

Last Modified on August 13, 2018