• Parents and Guardians,

    I hope this page can be a helpful resource for you throughout the year for helping your child grow in both reading and math. I know the 'new' way we teach Math can be challenging but it is to help your child learn how to solve problems in a variety of ways and to become critical thinkers! Please browse through the resources below to help you learn how to support your child's critical thinking skills. Enjoy!

Math Resources


    3rd Grade Math Parent Brief

    This is the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction page. It has a wide range of information to help you understand why we teach math the way that we do, as well as; what to expect your child to learn throughout the year. This is a great resource!

    Khan Academy

    This webpage has plenty of easily understandable videos and practice problems for the content we teach. You can create an account for free and search videos to give you a step by step direction of how to solve specific third-grade math problems using the 'new' way (you may even find some of the new skills easier for you to use than the old ways!) 


    This website is very similar to Khan Academy but it also has READING CONTENT. You can set up an account or you can simply search whatever skill you want your child to practice. You can watch the video with your child and then do the activities under the tab of "Additional Resources."  

    AIG Math Parent Resources

    I get asked often by parents how they can challenge their high leveled/academically intelligent child, so I included the Cabarrus County Schools AIG Page that has plenty of resources to help you understand your child's intelligence and find ways to challenge them on their level. 



Math is Math

Reading Resources

MTSS Information

  • Multi-Tiered System of Support Information

    We use a system called Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) to ensure every student is growing academically and/or behaviorally throughout the year. Every student is considered Tier 1, which means they are able to access the content without any additional support. Tier 2 students need a single intervention to help them understand the content. Tier 3 students need two or more interventions to help them understand the content being taught. Some students will begin Tier 2 interventions after Beginning of Grade testing. Students are able to move up and down levels in the MTSS program based on their growth. This document is an overview of the criteria we use for MTSS.