Career and College Promise (RCCC)


About Career & College Promise

  • Career and College Promise offers structured opportunities for qualified Cabarrus and Rowan county high school students to dually enroll in Rowan-Cabarrus courses that provide pathways that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level job skills. The program is free to all students who maintain a “B” average and meet other eligibility requirements. Eligible Cabarrus and Rowan county high school students begin earning college credit at Rowan-Cabarrus at no cost to them or their families.

    The three pathways include:

    1. Career & Technical Education Pathway (CTE) leading to a certificate or diploma aligned with a high school career cluster.
    2. College Transfer Pathway (CTP) requiring the completion of at least 30 semester hours of transfer courses including English and mathematics.
    3. Cooperative Innovative High School Programs (CIHSP) located on various Rowan-Cabarrus campuses and providing opportunities for students to complete an associate degree program or earn up to two years of college credit within five years.

    Here are some documents that might be helpful as you enroll in the program:

    Contact Information

    Crystal Ryerson, Marketing and Enrollment Manager

    Tonya Gaydick, Marketing & Enrollment Specialist

    Holly Vanager, Marketing & Enrollment Specialist

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Last Modified on March 5, 2018