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    Here's how it will work: 
    1. Approved Peer Tutors sign up through sign-up genius - tutors will list their subject availability.
    2. Students (Tutees) sign up to attend through sign-up genius - students need to list the subject they would like to be tutored. 
    3. Students and Tutors will be sent a reminder email with a link to join on (or by) the day of the tutoring session.
    *Students CAN sign up and join the day-of if there is availability. Sign-Up by 12:00pm the day of tutoring is mandatory for tutees.

    This is a FREE opportunity to receive tutoring/homework help/study tips and more by trained and qualified CMHS students. If students arrive late, there is not a guarantee that there will be a tutor available. These tutors have taken an online Canvas Course on Peer Tutoring and CMHS teachers have recommended them for this position. It will be offered daily Tuesday - Thursday from 2:15 - 3:15 in many different subject areas. The daily schedule and subject information is listed in the sign-up genius.

    Students wishing to attend Peer Tutoring may do so on any day a Peer Tutor is available for the subject in which they need assistance (check the sign-up genius).  Peer Tutoring is not a social time, it is a work time.  Students who choose to attend Peer Tutoring are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior and a strong work ethic during their tutoring sessions. Students must arrive promptly at the end of the school day.

    Would you like to become a Peer Tutor? 

    Returning Tutors: Please fill out this Returning Tutor Commitment Form. Please consider all of your other responsibilities (after school clubs, meetings, sports, etc.) before filling out your availability form. Students will be counting on you if you sign up to be there! These availability forms MUST be submitted by ALL RETURNING TUTORS. 

    NEW TUTORS: Please fill out this NEW TUTOR APPLICATION.

    Questions about Peer Tutoring should be directed to Ashley Blackwell, Math Teacher/Peer Tutor Advisor.