• Spanish II Course Description:

    Spanish II is centered on the following themed units: 

    Celebrations and Customs, Daily Routines & Health, House & Chores, Cities and Towns, Professions and Nationalities, Vacations and Sports, Fashion,  Childhood and Pastimes  

    Through these units, students will learn and apply the following grammatical components: 

    Present Tense, Prepositional Phrases, Past Tense (Preterite & Imperfect), Past Participles, Formal and Informal Commands, Infinitive Verb Phrases, Physical & character descriptions, Passive Voice


    Required Materials:

    1 11/2 inch 3 ring binder

    College ruled paper


    7 dividers

    Colored pencils/crayons

    Scissors & Glue stick

    Travel-sized tissue

    3 ½ x 5 index cards

    Head set/Ear buds


    **Thank you for donating to our classroom any of the following items…

    *tissues                    *computer paper             *handsanitizer

    *papertowels           *construction paper


Last Modified on January 15, 2020