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    What is CCP?

    The Career & College Promise Program is a state-sponsored collaboration between North Carolina public high schools and public colleges and universities across North Carolina.  CCP allows qualified students to take tuition-free courses that earn high school and college credits at the same time.  Courses taken in the College Transfer Pathway receive Honors-level high school credit (weighted) and will transfer to many four-year colleges and universities.  Courses taken in the Career & Technical Education Pathway receive standard high school credit (non-weighted) and can help students complete diploma, certificate or degree programs at community colleges. 


    Why take CCP?

    Many high school students are taking dual-credit/dual-enrollment courses to get an early start on their college and career education.  Because North Carolina pays tuition costs for CCP, Cabarrus County Schools covers textbook costs, and many credits earned are transferable to public four-year colleges in North Carolina, CCP (or dual enrollment) is an excellent way to get a jump start.  Additionally, the list of CCP courses available to students expands options for classes in high school.  This is especially helpful for seniors who feel they have "taken everything they want to take."

     In addition to adding options for more rigor, CCP classes earn both high school and college credit.  Students will see CCP classes reflected on their CMHS transcript.  They will also be reflected on the student's RCCC transcript.  Courses taken in the CCP College Transfer Pathway earn weighted quality points, similar to AP classes for those in the Class of 2019 and later.  (For those in the Class of 2018, CCP classes earn the same quality points as Honors level classes). 


    Who pays for CCP?

    The State of North Carolina pays the tuition for courses taken through the CCP Program.  Cabarrus County Schools provides textbooks (or reimbursement; see below).  This combination of support can result in tremendous savings for students and families.


    How to take CCP?

    Qualified students may add CCP classes during the normal high school registration and schedule change cycles.

Helpful Links

CCP Getting Started

CCP Eligibility Criteria

  • What are the requirements for participation in CCP courses?

    To participate in CCP, students must meet criteria set by the State of North Carolina.  Those criteria include grade-level limitations, GPA minimums and test scores.  In addition to these entry requirements, students should have sufficient high school credits to allow for a no-credit travel period (if one is needed).

    • high school Junior or Senior
    • 2.8 Unweighted GPA
    • meet minimum test scores on the PSAT, PLAN, ACT, SAT or Accuplacer  

    What if a student does not meet the criteria?

    The 2.8 Unweighted GPA is a non-negotiable for College Transfer Pathway courses.  Some students may qualify for CTE Pathway courses with a Waiver.  Contact your school counselor if you would like to explore waiver options for CCP.

Important Facts for CCP Students

  • Choosing CCP classes means you are ready for the responsibilities of a college class.  This includes being knowledgeable about policies of both the high school and community college, where they are similar and where they are not directly aligned.  Ignorance is not an excuse, as college students are expected to proactively seek information that impacts their choices.


    Failing CCP classes will negatively impact your high school and college transcripts and can impact your future eligibility for financial aid and college athletics.  Students who become concerned that they may fail their CCP courses should immediately contact the CCP Director at RCCC, their RCCC course instructor and high school counselor to request assistance and support.  JMRHS students who fail CCP courses may not be allowed to continue in the program.


    Dropping CCP classes outside of the normal JMRHS schedule change process/window will result in a WF (Withdraw Failing) on your high school transcript and negatively impact your high school GPA even though the college may allow you to do so.  JMRHS students may not drop CCP classes outside of the JMRHS schedule change process/deadline without the prior consent of their high school counselor. 

CCP Textbooks


    What is reimbursable?  

    • Textbooks
    • E-Textbooks
    • Access Codes
    • Lab Manuals
    • Lab Resources

    What is NOT reimbursable?

    • Book Rentals
    • Unwrapped Loose Leaf Books/Packets
    • Optional Items (ex. Exam Prep)
    • Items not in good, reusable condition
    • Books purchased without pre-approval may not be reimbursed


    How do you know which book to purchase?  Go to Web Advisor and look up your course/text. Unless a class requires an E-Textbook (electronic textbook), a textbook may need to be purchased.  Remember that you must complete the CCP REIMBURSEMENT FORM by the deadline each semester to receive reimbursement.  This is an important step because we may already have your book in our inventory, and we strive to be fiscally responsible by using the resources we have first. Students/families experiencing financial hardship may be eligible for pre-purchasing (versus reimbursement) assistance. 

    Questions about reimbursement? Email Mrs. Stowe


    You may email them at helpdesk@rccc.edu or call them at (704)216-7200 for any technical questions.

Last Modified on January 25, 2021