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Process for submissions:

  • Send us your news a minimum of 2 days in advance.  We film in 2nd block today, edit tomorrow, publish the day after that.  An announcement sent on Monday will not make the broadcast until Wednesday.

    1. Submit your announcements to http://bit.ly/VikingNews (When you send to my work email, news can get accidentally left out or delayed.) If you have questions about content or need to make changes to an existing announcement, please contact our staff via email:  cchsannouncements@gmail.com
    2. In the Google Form listed above, you will be asked to:
      1. Submit the contact information of the person submitting the announcement. This should always be an adult—the coach, club advisor, or faculty member.  Announcements should not be submitted by students.
      2. Include the start date and end date you’d like your announcement to run. Remember the announcements are filmed 2 days in advance and are frequently trimmed to get us into the 5-minute time limit.
      3. Submit the exact wording you would like to be used in the announcement.  You know your content better than we do, and I don’t want to miscommunicate your information by rewriting it incorrectly.  Examples:
        • Super bad = Can you announce the musical?
        • Also, bad = Musical, April 11-13, theatre.
        • Good = The musical “Aida” will be performed on March 22-24 at 7pm in the theatre.  Tickets are $8/$10.
        • Best = Come join the Drama Department for the exciting Spring Musical: Seussical.  They will perform at 7pm on April 11th-13th.  Tickets are only $8.00 for students, $10.00 for adults.   Watch your childhood storybooks come alive--you don’t want to miss it.
      4. Submit any photos, flyers, videos, or slides that support your announcement.
        • Slides should be saved as an image file (not PowerPoint or Google Slides) and are much easier to use in landscape position.
        • All music must be royalty free—or YouTube will flag our entire broadcast.
        • If you have a longer video—feel free to send it along.  I’m happy to play a portion of it on the announcements and post the full-length video on the announcements page.
        • The file size is limited, be sure
      5. Try to get it to me as early as you can—but not so early that it gets lost in the shuffle (more than a week out is too far—the google form should help with this issue).

    Finally, please be forgiving if there are errors.  I’m happy to post corrections!  Know that we are doing our best.  Go Vikings!

Last Modified on June 5, 2019