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Registration 2018

Getting Started

  • Registration 2018 kicks off with School Choice events for Rising 9th Graders, followed by events for Rising 10th - 12th Graders and then more comprehensive events for Rising 9th Graders not opting for School Choice. Events will span October 2017 - March 2018 and beyond. Students and families will find helpful information, documents and links on this page. Check back often, as new resources will appear as they are introduced to students and families. New students to Cabarrus County Schools should carefully review the information in the section below before taking any action.  
    Please be sure to attend all registration events so you will have the information you need to successfully register for your classes for 2018-19. Counselors will be available at scheduled registration events to answer your questions. Should you have questions outside of those events, please visit the Registration Help Table in the Commons during lunch times on most Tuesdays & Thursdays during the peak registration months (December - January) or email your School Counselor for 2018-19 or the other staff members listed below.  
    Ms. Lisa Landon, School Counselor (A - D)
    Mr. Aaron Roach, School Counselors (E - K)
    Mr. Mike Toscano, School Counselor (L - P)
    Ms. Erin Taylor, School Counselor (Q - Z)
    Ms. Holly Harris, Academy Coordinator
    Ms. Jennifer Angie, CCP/NCVPS Coordinator
    Ms. Kristal Dellinger, Career Development Coordinator
    Mr. Mark Lowry, Assistant Principal of Instruction

New Students

    If you plan to move into our district and attend CMHS in 2018-19, you will need to complete the new student enrollment process. You may begin this process in June 2018. Students cannot be enrolled in two schools at once, so there is nothing that can be done until that point. Please visit our new enrollment webpage to learn more about how to get started with enrolling at CMHS.
    NOTE:  Current Cabarrus County Schools eighth graders applying to the Academy of Information Technology (AoIT) do not need to complete the new student enrollment form previously referenced; your process will be different and is outline on the AoIT and Program Choice webpages.      
    Students who will be new to our school for 2018-19 are allowed to attend evening events, as these events are open to the public. Daytime events are not open to the public, however, and those not yet enrolled may not attend these unless granted prior approval. Please contact Lisa Landon, School Counselor/Department Chair for information and instructions if you are requesting to attend a daytime event. 

Process Overview

  • Registration Process

Registration Timeline - Rising 9th Graders

Date Time Current Grade Event Location
October 11 5:30 pm 8th Program Choice Fair
November 6 8th Program Choice (AoIT) Applications Open Program Choice Website
December 20 8th Program Choice (AoIT) Application Deadline Program Choice Website
February 7 8th Registration Assembly (Registration Materials Distributed) HRMS
February 7 6:30 pm 8th Curriculum Night CMHS
February 12 8th Program Choice (AoIT) Lottery Results to Families
February 23 8th Program Choice (AoIT) Acceptance Deadline See Program Choice Website
February 23 8th Registration Forms Due (HRMS Students) HRMS Counselor's Office
March 7 - 9 8th Group Advisement (HRMS Students) HRMS
May 4 8th Schedules Distributed (tentative)
May 14 8th Schedule Change Deadline (tentative) Online via CMHS S3 Website

Registration Timeline - Rising 10th-12th Graders

Date Time Current Grade Event Location
Dec 8 - Jan 5 Any 9th - 11th Pre-advisement Survey Online
Dec 8 1st - 4th Pds 11th Group Advisement - Rising Seniors Auditorium
Dec 18 1st - 4th Pds 10th Group Advisement - Rising Juniors Auditorium
Jan 4 1st - 4th Pds 9th Group Advisement - Rising Sophomores Auditorium
Jan 4 11th Registration Deadline - Rising Seniors PowerSchool
Jan 11 10th Registration Deadline - Rising Juniors PowerSchool
Jan 25 9th Registration Deadline - Rising Sophomores PowerSchool
Feb 7 6 pm 9th - 11th Curriculum Night & Meet-the-Teacher Night CMHS
Feb 1 - March 16 1st Pd 9th - 11th Individual Advisement 1st Pd Teachers
Feb 1 9th - 11th Course Applications Available Online
Feb 14 9th - 11th Course Applications Due Online
May 4 Intervention Block 9th - 11th Schedule Distribution Homerooms
May 14 9th - 11th Schedule Change Deadline Online
June 1 4th Pd 9th - 11th Schedule Change Notices Out 4th Pd

Course Applications

Helpful Documents