• Judges follow a specific rubric when viewing projects and scoring entries.  Below is a sample of the rubric that will be used.  PLease be sure you have covered all areas so that you do not lose points.

    Judges Rubric
    Creativity Possible Points Awarded
    In depth analysis of of data 5  
    In depth correct interpretation of data 10  
    Correct Use of Equipment 5  
    Research and experiments help to discover an answer to the question in an original way 10  
    SUBTOTAL 30  
    Scientific Thought    
    Problem is stated clearly 2  
    Did the problem identify an important problem that was capable of a solution? 2  
    Procedure stated in a replicable way 2  
    Procedure led to a solution 2  
    Variables defined 2  
    Controls used correctly and defined 2  
    Adequate data 3  
    Data supports the conclusion 3  
    Conclusion suggests a solution 2  
    Solution has been tested to make sure it is an answer that will work. 2  
    Recognition of limitations of data 2  
    Connections of research, experiment and conclusion 2  
    Suggestion of further research 2  
    Sources are cited correctly 2  
    SUBTOTAL 30  
    Purpose of experiment carried out to completion 5  
    Conclusions based on more than one experiment 5  
    Can the student discuss other ideas or theories that may work in addition to their own solution? 5  
    SUBTOTAL 15  
    Uses the correct lab procedures 5  
    Uses the correct computation 5  
    Was the project done by the student (ie. Parents can help, but not DO the project) 5  
    SUBTOTAL 15  
    Clarity in Presentation     
    Clearly explains the purpose. Procedure, and conclusion (NOT memorized answers) 5  
    Presentation is setup in a orderly manner 5  
    SUBTOTAL 10