Current Career Opportunities for Students

  • Below are job opportunities within our community available to students. If you have any questions or need a copy of the application see Ms. Cubit in office 213A.

    Youth Employment Certificate - The youth employment provisions of the Wage and Hour Act are designed to protect minors by restricting the types of jobs and the number of hours they may work. North Carolina law adopts the federal employment standards for 14-17-year-old youths employed in non-farm jobs, as well as the exceptions to those limitations; however, the Wage and Hour Act establishes some additional, more stringent requirements that must be followed by all non-farm employers. Farm work is completely exempt from any of the provisions of the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act. Employment in hazardous or detrimental occupations is not permitted for youth under the age of 18.

    Youth Employment Application


    QuikTrip - Now Hiring!

    Quik Trip Jobs 


    Snag-A-Job - An online site for teens in the Concord area to look for job opportunities

    Snag A Job


    Crescent Heights - Holiday Retirement Community

    240 Branchview Dr. NE

    Concord, NC (704) 794-6248

    Crescent Heights Now Hiring!


    Learning for Life's - Aviation Explorer Program

    Phillip Mendez - Senior Advisor - Aviation Explorer Post 1903

    Aviation Explorer Opportunity


    Siemens Apprenticeship Program

    Siemens Energy Inc. 

    Chris McDaniel - Instructor and Academic Advisor 

    Siemens Apprenticeship Program


    Have a job opportunity for students that you want to advertise at CHS?

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