Discrete Math

Welcome to Discrete Mathematics

  • This course introduces the mathematics of networks, decision making and social choice. It also extends students’ applications of matrices, probability and statistics.

    Grading Policy:   Home & Classwork   20% ,  Quizzes   30%   ,Tests    50%


    Classroom Rules and Policies

    Be Safe

    Be in your assigned seat.

    Maintain a clean environment.

    Be Respectful

    Follow all classroom procedures.

    Follow all school rules.

    Listen when someone else is speaking.

    Be kind to others!

    Be Responsible

    Be on time.

    Be prepared with materials and assignments.

    Use a low voice level during group work.

    Ensure that your work is your own.


    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Intervention/Parent Contact
    3. ASD/Parent Contact
    4. Discipline Referral


    Tests and quizzes must be made up within five days of an absence. If a student has not scheduled time to make assessments up, they will be made up during instruction time.

    Students should maintain a notebook.

    Students will have one opportunity during the semester to retake a test.

    Homework will be given often.  No Late Work Accepted.