• In this class, we will frequently use technology; as such, you have to create accounts for some of the technology we will use. Follow the instructions below carefully to make sure you have everything set up correctly. I will NOT accept you not having something set up as an excuse for not doing an assignment. 

     Things to Know:

    • Use your actual name for anything asking for your name; only for user names can you get creative as long as it is school appropriate (because I can see all of them AND your password info. for several of them).
    • I suggest using Google as your log in for each of them; it's quick and easy to remember.
    • Whatever you use for your log in information, make sure you keep that information somewhere you can find it if you need to, like on a note in your phone. While I do have access to that information on my side of the site, I will not always be available to you (i.e. at 2 am the morning before an assignment you forgot to do is due). "I could not get into my account" is not an excuse for not having assignments done.

    No Red Ink

    No Red Ink is a platform used to help you with your grammar development. Similar to math's Aleks, if you've used that, it takes you through content as needed, meaning if you aren't mastering something it will start you over. This can be frustrating, but it will overall help you with your grammar. Each set does have a lesson you can reference; USE it!

    1. Go to No Red Ink (noredink.com). If this link doesn't take you to the sign up page, click on "Sign Up." Then, click on "I'm a student." 

    2. Create your account by clicking on the link and using the code associated with your class.

         LC 1: Class Link  

                  Class code:hopefull clover 54

         LC 2: Class Link

                  Class code: global pal 74

         LC 3: Class Link

                 Class code: formal door 36

    3. After creating your account, you will be prompted to take an interest survey; complete this quickly and efficiently.

    4. Complete the No Red Ink Practice Assignment. While this is mostly for you to get comfortable with the technology, it is still information necessary for you to know/review. You will lose points on major assignments for simple mistakes like these.



    Commonlit is a platform that prepares you for standardized testing while also developing your reading and critical thinking skills. Sometimes, your reading quizzes will be here, so make sure you understand how to access scores and progress on this site. 

    1. Go to Commonlit (commonlit.org). Click "Create Free Account."

    2. Click "I am a Student" and enter the class code associated with your LC.

        LC 1: 4BYVVL

        LC 2: RL8NN4

        LC 3: GB9WW5

    3. Complete the short assignment there ("The 1972 Andes Flight Disaster"); familiarize yourself with all of the tools available in Commonlit. While this will not necessarily be graded for accuracy, it will be used as another diagnostic.  


    Socrative is a platform we will use for you to receive immediate feedback on questions as you go. You should ALWAYS make sure to read the feedback because I use this to explain why certain answers are correct and how to make sure you get the correct answer next time. You'll be using this later this week, so make sure you practice this. You do not have to have an account, but I want you to be familiar with accessing this website.

    1. Go to Socrative.com. Click on "Student Log in". The room code is 713825. 

    2. Make sure you use your actual name so I can give you completion credit.