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    Cabarrus County offers one of the only K-12 STEM Pipelines in the state of North Carolina. Our STEM schools teach using an interdisciplinary, problem-based approach to learning.  Students are encouraged to utilize the design cycle, work collaboratively, and think creatively.  Teachers use the inquiry model of teaching - they are facilitators who lead a student centered classroom.

    • Elementary

      • Introduces students to Problem Based Learning providing opportunities for authentic growth and development.

      • Links learning to career and industry as students investigate real world problems.

      • Promotes innovative thinking through the use of technology and our engineering design cycle.

      • Allows students the opportunity to explore, experiment, and solve problems logically.

      • Young children with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will go on to play an integral role in our nation’s global competitiveness and economic stability.

    • Middle

      • Continues the use of Problem and Project Based Learning lessons to allow students to investigate and see real life connections.

      • Develops innovative, critical thinkers who can communicate their ideas

      • Lessons are student centered, and teachers are facilitators of learning

      • Many lessons are hands-on and encourage the students to develop their curiosity.

      • Uses the design cycle to help students improve their ideas and encourage a growth mindset.

      • Interdisciplinary lessons help students transfer knowledge between subjects.

    • High

      • Continues Problem and Project based learning to make global connections.

      • Provides opportunities for students to visit and work with community partnerships to see and understand how STEM is applied in the community around them.

      • Focuses on the concept of teamwork to solve real-world scenarios

      • Students are introduced to VEX robotics and higher levels of coding

      • Students focus on concepts of engineering and technology in depth in all content areas to better comprehend the twenty-first century’s stance politically, socially, and economically.

    Learn more about the only K-12 STEM Pipeline in North Carolina.  




    Where can STEM take me?

    In Cabarrus County, STEM can lead to a variety of high school options as well as both college and career pathways:

    • Our two high school STEM programs offer three distinct honors level pathways for graduates, including a STEM Capstone diploma.

    • Our high school academies offer seven different STEM related fields.

    • Many STEM students go on to be successful in Early College and Career and College Promise programs, achieving high marks in college course work.

    • STEM High School Pathway Information can be found below:  

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Last Modified on August 22, 2020