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Mrs. Mann

Special Announement

Good afternoon,
I wanted to send you a message about our online learning tomorrow. Please follow the directions given in this email for tomorrow's class.

If you were assigned face to face instruction, and tomorrow was the day that you were assigned to meet with me in person, you will be logging into Teams at our scheduled time for class to receive your lesson. We will be learning the material in class session day 2 and focusing on inferring. We will be taking guided notes and going through examples together, make sure you have your reader's notebook.

If you joined teams today for our class, or you saw me in person today for class we took the guided notes on inferring and did the examples for this lesson together today. You will be responsible for working on your independent work that has been assigned in your canvas module during tomorrow's class time.

Everyone is responsible for completing their independent reading and reading log for tomorrow's homework.

Please make sure the following tasks are completed by Friday afternoon.

Priscilla and the Wimps Practice Text for Questioning
Infer Practice Quiz From  In Class Session 2
Common Lit Passage
Flocabualry on Inferring- Video/read and respond/quiz
Vocabulary Lesson 1A
Vocabulary Lesson 1 B
Vocabulary Lesson 1 C
 Reading Log Mastery Assessment

To join the teams meeting use the link in Canvas during your scheduled class time.
If you are confused and do not know whether to join or not, log in and I can give you instructions.

Please follow the class schedule below

9:00-9:05 Homeroom Check In
9:05-10:49 1st Period (Circles/Class)
10:52-11:49 2nd
11:52-1:15 3rd (Meet at 12:20 for class, do lunch on your own, we will begin the class lesson at 12:20)
1:19-2:24 4th

If you have any questions please reach out to me by email.

Thank you,
Mrs. Mann




Welcome to 6th Grade at Winkler Middle School! My name is Shannon Mann and I will be your Language and Literature teacher this year! I am excited to meet and to work with each one of you! I know that this year is beginnning a bit differently than past years, but I am excited for a new learning opportunity! I have been teaching in Cabarrus County for 15 years. I have been a 6th Grade Language and Literature teacher at Winkler Middle School since our opening year in 2011. I am a graduate of UNC Charlotte and have a Bachelors Degree in Middle Grades Education as well as a Masters in Middle Grades Education. I am excited to be working with you and learning with you this year! Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns! Make sure to use your school email as well as your class Canvas page as resources for communication and learning. I am looking forward to a great school year together!

 Class Materials:

Glue Stick

Writing Utensil

Independent Reading Book

Composition Book for Notes


Online Learning Tips

We will be meeting daily during our classtime on Microsoft Teams. I will provide the link for our class meeitings for you to join through our Canvas Modules each week. The link will be found on the CANVAS Home Page for your class. 


Please refrence the form sent home with your schedule to assist in accessing the digital platforms being used this year. (Google Drive, Student Email, Device Log In, Teams Access, CANVAS Access).

You may also find this information available under the "Useful Documents" tab on this webpage.

You will find a copy of our Plan C 6th Grade Schedule under the "Useful Documents" tab on this webpage.


Unit Purpose

Our unit one focuses on making purposeful choices to analyze literature. We use these skills to make mindful observations about what we are reading, to create our own opinions and thoughts, and to cite text evidence to prove our theories about what we are reading. We use written prompts called Think Boxes to use analytical reading skills, and to cite text evidence. A think box has a skill portion and an opinion portion. We will also be working with vocabulary and using EOG style questioning with fiction texts. We will finish the unit with a common story which uses all reading skills presented and will create a formal piece of writing for assessment to analyze a story. We will grade it as their summative.

We have Power Points constructed with an introduction to skill with examples of think boxes we have constructed. We also have mentor texts for students to then use for examples and practice. And then we follow up with an assessment.


Example Think Box Format: 

I predict (state your prediction based on what you have read). I predict this because (Give at least 3 pieces of the text in written form that led you to your prediction). I think (add an additional thought that you have about what you are reading, a character, an event, etc.)  I think this because (Give at least 3 pieces of evidence from the text to prove your thinking). 


Example using text: “The Escape”

I predict that Boris will attempt to go into the tunnel. I predict this because he has already tried to escape once, he didn’t want to be sent to solitary, and he now has a new feeling of hope that the tunnel could be a way out. He is measuring the hole to see if he could fit through.  I think Boris should stay where he is. I think this because if he gets caught, he will suffer an even worse punishment. Also he is afraid of rats, and he has seen one in the opening of the tunnel and he does not know where the tunnel leads. Also the night guard is already upset with Boris because of what he had done.

You will find additional help with think boxes and guided templates for writing under the "Useful Documents" tab on this website.





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