Charge Policy

  • Students

    • Negative account balances will be limited to $8.00.
    • An alternative meal will be offered should a student reach his/her charge limit.
    • Student’s will not be allowed to charge extras or snacks.
    • Use k12paymentcenter or directly pay the cashier (cash or check) to update your balances.

    Adults - School Staff Accounts

    • USDA guidelines state we are unable to allow charges for our teachers and staff.
    • Consult with your Cafeteria Manager to set up a patron account.  With a patron account, you may put money on your account for meals.
    • Adults can be set up to access our k12paymentcenter online payment center.  Take advantage of managing your account from your phone or tablet.
    • Quick cash/check payments are always accepted in your school cafeteria.


    Board Of Education - Policy 6220:B-Meal Charges

Last Modified on March 21, 2019