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     Questions about Daily Operations/Program/Scheduling

    Q:  Why doesn’t my child have time to complete his/her homework during KIDS:PLUS? 

    A:  KIDS:PLUS is licensed by the State of North Carolina and we abide by all the rules/regulations set forth by The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education.  According to Child Care Rule .2508 [Age Appropriate Activities], facilities which operate a school-age component for more than three hours per day must make at least four activities available daily [activities include: homework, centers, active outdoor play, group activities, etc.]. 

    In order to offer your child homework support, each location offers a 20-30 minute quiet time-frame and materials for homework completion.  We will provide the children with assistance, if needed, but we cannot guarantee accuracy and/or completion of homework.  

    If homework completion is something that you would like for your child to spend more time on, please communicate that with them.  In most situations, we are able to accommodate their choice to continue working on homework, such as during center time or by providing them with a clipboard to take outside with them. 

    Q:  What are your regulations concerning screen time? 

    A:  Child care rules/ regulations state that “when screen time is used, offer only as a free-choice activity and is limited to no more than 30 minutes per day”.   Since the use of technology counts toward total screen time, we have to carefully monitor the amount that we offer children during the day.   In order to support children academically, we mainly provide children with computer access as a tool for homework. 

    Q:  My child does not want to participate in one of the additional community partnerships programs that offered [Girl Scouts, 4H, etc].  Is he/she required to?

    A:  No; all activities are offered to children as a choice.  If they do not want to participate, they should communicate that with their site staff so that they can offer your child an alternative activity choice.

    Q:  What are your requirements for outdoor play related to weather?  I am concerned about my child going outside when the temperature is below 50. 

    A:  Child Care Rule .0511 [Requirement for Outdoor Play], states that each child must be given the opportunity to be outdoors daily, weather conditions permitting.  There is not a specific temperature that solely results in the decision not to take students outside.  We monitor weather forecasts and use weather alert radios to keep us informed of extreme weather.  We also reference the Child Care Weather Watch and Air Quality Color Codes. Most importantly, we verify that students are dressed appropriately for outdoor play based on the weather conditions. 

    Q:  The Special Day/Summer Camp locations are not convenient for my family.  Why isn’t my home site open?     

    A:  KIDS:PLUS works closely with Cabarrus County Schools when selecting locations for Special Days and Summer Camp.  Many factors go into making the decisions including:  center size, location, potential construction/major maintenance projects, enrollment history, facilities available, etc.      

    Q:  Is there a possibility to keep my child’s site open until 6:30pm?

    A:  Yes.  An important goal of the KIDS: PLUS Program is to regularly evaluate and adapt our program to provide quality care as the needs of the students, families, and community change.  In an effort to better serve our families, we have select sites that operate until 6:30pm to accommodate the parent needs. 

    We will gladly explore that option for any KIDS:PLUS site.  In order to keep a program open until 6:30, we need confirmation from the principal that this will not present a conflict with other evening programs and at least 10 students enrolled in the extended hours program.  There is an additional cost for this option. 

    Q:  Do you offer care on Early Release Days?  If so, what time must my child be picked up?

    A:  Yes, we offer care on Early Release Days for any children that are currently enrolled in the afternoon program, at no additional cost to the families.   We are open until 6:00pm. 

    Q:  Why doesn’t KIDS:PLUS prorate tuition for weeks that school isn’t in attendance for all five days?  [Snow days, holidays, teacher workdays, etc.]

    A:  KIDS:PLUS tuition rates are calculated taking into consideration weekly expenses as well as overall program operational costs. The tuition payments are for time reserved, not actual time spent in the KIDS:PLUS Program.  Our program is still responsible for meeting our expenses, even when children are not in our care. All KIDS: PLUS staff are Cabarrus County Schools employees; as such, they are eligible for benefits, vacation days, holidays and any other compensation offered to school system employees by the State of North Carolina. 

    The KIDS: PLUS Program is 100% self-funded by tuition.  We do not receive any funding from the school system or the State of North Carolina to support our operational costs. 

    Q:  Why is there an additional fee for care if I choose to send my child on a Special Day? 

    A:  The additional cost for these days is charged to support the additional operating costs incurred by the program.  On Special Days, we offer care from 6:00am – 6:00pm.  Special Day fees cover the cost of meals/snacks, additional staffing hours, and any activities/ field trips that we participate in. 

    Q:  Why is there a convenience fee if I choose to use the online payment system? 

    A:   This convenience fee is assessed by the card processing company. The KIDS: PLUS Program does not profit from the convenience fees.  

    If you have additional questions, please email them to kidsplus@cabarrus.k12.nc.us.   
Last Modified on June 18, 2020