• If you are currently a NTHS senior member, sign up as a club member to get a card.

    If you want to join, sign up. Students will complete the application process at NTHS Bull Time Meetings in October.

    Step 1:
    If you are interesting in joining NTHS, please review the NTHS Information Meeting PowerPoint. Dates will change each year as the  NTHS new membership period opens (after 1st semester ends).  Deadlines will also be announced through school announcements. It is your responsibility to adhere to deadlines!  Do not waste time and effort to apply if you have OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSIONS as there are no exceptions and your application info will be verified.
    If you are unable to attend the informational Bull Time meeting, you may print the application form, complete and submit your application to Mrs. Clay in Room 741.  Mrs. Clay will have the 3 teacher recommendation forms for you to deliver to teachers.
    Step 2:
    About two weeks after the deadline for application, after all information has been received and verified, you will receive a notification either declining your application or inviting you to join.
    If you receive a decline letter and have questions, please see Mrs. Clay before or after school for additional private information regarding your application.
    Step 3:
    If you receive a congratulatory letter inviting you to join NTHS and attend the induction ceremony, you will need to:
    • pay $36 for membership dues and your honor cord. Make checks payable to Hickory Ridge High School.
    • respond to the email you will receive from NTHS national headquarters by completing the online registration process.
    • indicate your intent to attend the Cabarrus County Schools county-wide ceremony. Juniors are inducted and seniors are corded. Invite your family and friends to come to the event. Sign up sheet will be outside Mrs. Clay's door Room 741 so that we know how many to expect prior to the celebration event.

    *If you have paid and completed your NTHS online registration but cannot attend the induction cording ceremony, you are still a member in good standing. We understand that there are sports, work and family conflicts that may not allow you to attend.  Sometime in the week after the ceremony, you may see Mrs. Clay before or after school to pick up your official packet from NTHS including certificate.  Cords will be available to seniors.

Last Modified on September 26, 2018