Physical Science Page

  • Please refer to Canvas, and PowerSchool for updated information about class assignments and grades.

    *Corona Virus Assignment/Enrichment Update:

    1.  Current Assignment:  We were planning to take a test over Chemistry material on our next day of class.  At this point, I'm asking that you continue to be prepared for this.  Look over your periodic table and review worksheet.  We will take it upon our return to the classroom.

    2.  Upcoming Assignments:  Begin preparing yourself for the next unit.  It's chapters 11 and 12 in our textbook.  It's over Motion.  Key terms include speed, velocity, acceleration, Newton's Laws of Motion, and Forces.  Refer to the "Files" page for electronic documents within this unit.

    3.  Extra Credit!  Free assignment grade!  Watch the movie "Hidden Figures."  It's an excellent movie with incredible social and educational messages.

    4.  Enrichment:  I encourage you to check out excellent science YouTube videos.  On my "Links" page I've listed some suggested channels or items to search for within YouTube.  These are favorites of mine!  Most are reasonably short, educational, and entertaining!

Last Modified on March 29, 2020