• Book Label
    Book Label  
    Most of our books have Reading Counts (RC) labels on the spine.  

    RC RL = Reading Counts Reading Level  Reading level is the "readability" of text by grade.  

    2.6 = Reading Level  This RL would match a student who is in the second grade.  The range for each grade level i s .1-.9.  For example, second grade students may have a RL range 2.1-2.9.  

    RC PTS = Reading Counts Points

    4.0 = Number of points available when RC test is taken. Students must pass the test in order to earn points.

    490L = Lexile Level of this book is 490.  A Lexile level is the reading difficulty of text based on sentence length and how frequent the words are used in the English Language. The sticker corresponds to the Lexile level of the book.  The orange dot indicates that this book has a lexile level 400-490.