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Peer Tutoring


The Peer Tutoring Program at Cox Mill High School is intended to provide students with a mutually beneficial opportunity to support each other.  Peer Tutors are current CMHS students who have applied and been selected for their positions.  Students interested in being Peer Tutors may apply anytime by completing the Peer Tutor application (see Helpful Documents below).  
Students wishing to attend Peer Tutoring may do so on any day a Peer Tutor is available for the subject in which they need assistance (check the schedule below).  Peer Tutoring is not a social time, it is a work time.  Students who choose to attend Peer Tutoring are expected to demonstrate exemplary behavior and a strong work ethic during their tutoring sessions.  Students must arrive promptly at the end of the school day (by 2:20 pm) and remain in the classroom working for the entire time (3:15 pm) unless otherwise approved by the supervising teacher.   
Questions about Peer Tutoring should be directed to Lisa Landon, School Counselor/Peer Tutor Advisor. 
Peer Tutoring Schedule 2017  

Helpful Documents

Last Modified on February 24, 2017