• If you are interested in taking an upper level (proficient or advanced) Dance course at Cox Mill High School, Apply here! 

    Application will become available from February 1-14th. 


    What you need to do: 

    1. Complete application.

    2.  Select 2 teachers to complete a recommendation. (provide them the link to complete the recommendation)


    After application is completed, this is what will happen: 

    1.  Mrs. Blackburne will contact you via email to come take the audition questionnaire. 

    2.  Mrs. Blackburne will contact you via email to perform your choreographed Dance audition.  (Audition requirements attached) 


    Below are questions that are in your application.  (once application is started, it must be completed in the same seating.  I recommend typing all your answers in a word document first then copying and pasting.) 

    1. What Dance courses have you taken/completed or expect to complete by the end of the year?   
    2. In one or two sentences, describe why you want to take an Honors level dance course.
    3. Please describe all the previous dance experience you have had in or out of school. Competitions, studios, workshops, etc.
    4. Give an example of a situation in which you have found yourself under pressure and how you dealt with it.
    5. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a dancer? Explain two weaknesses and how you are working to overcome them.
    6. Explain how you generally approach deadlines. Have you ever turned in a major assignment late or not at all? If so, explain why.
    7. What after school activities/jobs/clubs do you plan to be a part of next year? How will you work this into your dance schedule? Please list practice or meeting times for other activities.   
    8. How many days of school did you miss this year? How many days were you late to school? For what reason did you miss or were you late?
    9. If any of your current grades are below an 85 please explain.
    10. List of all your current classes and grades. 


    Upper Level Advanced Placement Application

     Teacher Recommendation   (2 Needed)