•  Honors American History I (AoIT)


    During the course of Honors American History I (AoIT), students will examine the major turning points in American History until 1876.  Our study begins with Exploration of the New World, followed by colonization and the American Revolution.  We will also learn about George Washington’s presidency, the origins of the US Constitution, reform movements, Manifest Destiny, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.  

    Curriculum Content
    The honors level curriculum supports vertical alignment for college and career readiness.  This class provides a framework for students to begin to process information beyond written facts and allows students to make personal connections to historical and political content.  Students will write, discuss and ultimately learn to articulate their understanding of the material through essays, a research paper, primary source analysis, and interdisciplinary interaction so that they will understand skills needed for the modern, globalized world.
    Standards and Objectives
    Topics and units covered in Honors American History I (AoIT) will follow the NC Standard Course of study.  Although the curriculum for all NC students remain the same, units in this course will be presented in a manner in which students direct their own learning and the teacher will act as the facilitator.  Students will be taught how to think for themselves using inquiry based methods and self-reflection.  Students will apply their knowledge by participating in classroom simulations, activities and projects.
    Curriculum Plan
    The following link will provided you with the Honors American History I (AoIT) syllabus.  On the syllabus you will find classroom rules & procedures, a supply list, the grading policy, and a list of units for the semester.
    For additional and detailed information about each unit, please refer to the Unit Guide published at the beginning of each section.  (See the Documents and Notes page on Mrs. Church’s school web site.)
    Instructional Materials and Methods
    Students will be expected to efficiently utilize the textbook as an independent reader, take teacher  directed & independent notes, read and interpret current event articles & primary sources, understand vocabulary, conduct discussions, write formal & informal essays, work as a team, and complete in-depth projects and activities as a part of instruction for Honors American History I.  Honors level students should be proactive in terms of asking for assistance from the instructor.

    Please see the syllabus for class materials needed.

    Students in Honors American History I (AoIT) will be assessed using a variety of methods.  For each unit, students will have a Unit Test, Vocabulary Quiz/ Quizzes, Pop Quizzes, and Homework/ Daily Grades.  Each unit will also include some type of project or extended activity to facilitate student learning.  All assessments will be listed on the Unit Guide at the beginning of each unit.
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