Project Goal: To connect with why you are interested in science and how science has affected your life
    Instructions: You will choose a scientistific discovery, topic or innovator that has made a contribution to the world that has affected your life.  The effect could be that it saved a love one or brought you closer to a friend or even inspired what you want to do for the rest of your life (don't get sucked into a save the world pageant answer - it must be about you!).  The main purpose is to look at some way that science has positively affected your life.  For this project I will let you step a little outside of biology but there will still be limits!  Then you will create an aesthetically pleasing (nice-looking) poster complete with the following information (written correctly):
    • Title it with "I am thankful for ___________" including the name of the subject/innovator you are thankful for
    • Background on the specifics about the subject of you thankfulness
    • Talk about the relevance of this subject in your life.
      • How is it relevant to you?  How do you relate to this person/discovery?  How did it impact you?  Is it still impacting you?
    •  At least three illustrations/pictures that represent the subject and one of them should be something that directly connects it to you.
    Poster Requirements:
    • Must be a poster - not a flyer.  If you cut down the poster board to be a certain shape that is allowed
    • Writing is neat and legible.  
    • Spelling and grammar will be graded
    • Illustrations/Pictures must be in color
    • Size - must be at least as large as examples shown in class
    • Remember - you can be aesthetically pleasing (neat and orderly) without being creative and pretty - strive for both!
    • Illustrations/pictures - Atleast 3 where one of them directly connects it to you.  All in color.
    • Creative - that means it is not just a square board with info on it - it is decorated, maybe cut in a shapre that reflects the subject, has extra "flair", it is colorful with limited "blank" areas
    • Neatness - paper is cut in neat, purposeful way.  Everything is taped down or secured in a fashion that it won't fall apart, writing is typed or that which is hand written is done very legibally.
    • Subject must be picked and approved by teacher by November 6 (SIGN UP SHEET
      • Your scientist/subject must be somewhat unique (approval will be on a first come first served basis)
    • Poster must must be turned in at the beginning of school day on November 17th
      • Everyday it is late after that will deduct 10 points and it will not be accepted after the 23nd
     This will count as a Quiz Grade!  You won't have any time scheduled in class to work on this project - everything should be done at home.  

    “I am thankful for … “ Poster

    Pick a scientific discovery that you are “thankful” for.  Make it relevant to you (don’t get stuck with “saving the world” logic).  Explain the science behind the discovery, who did it and how they achieved it.  Then talk about why this in particular is important to you – why are you thankful for it.

    Scientific discovery






    Relevance (why?)



    When creating the poster decorate and color it in a pleasing manner.  Use at least three pertinent pictures that help the reader understand your topic.  Make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct.  These will be posted in the hallway outside of class.

    Pictures (3+)






    Aesthetically pleasing/Neat



    Grammar, spelling






     None of us got to where we are alone. Whether the assistance we received was obvious or subtle, acknowledging someone's help is a big part of understanding the importance of saying thank you.
    ~ Harvey Mackay ~