• Gleaning
    Some of you have had the opportunity to go gleaning, others of you may have not.  Regardless of your experiences, there's a lot that can be learned about gleaning and the topic of food insecurity.  Use the resources below to explore and learn a little more about gleaning!
    1- Watch this video.  As you watch the video, jot down answers to these questions:
          What does it mean to be food insecure?
          What is gleaning? 
    Now use the internet to find an additional answer to these questions or just some additional information you can add on the answers you had from the video.  Write these additions in a different color. 
    2- Visit this website to learn more about food insecurity in North Carolina. Use this page to answer the following questions:
          How many children are food insecure?  Given that there are about 20 people in your homeroom, how many does this mean are affected by home insecurity?  What about the freshman class overall (assume 60)? Our whole school (assume 240)?
          Of the statistics listed, which one surprises you the most?  Why does that one stand out to you? 
    3- Visit this website to look at hunger across the US.  According to this website how many people (of all ages) struggle with hunger?  
    Under "Hunger in America" go to "Our Research" and open the "Map the Meal Gap" link.  Use this app to explore the areas that are most heavily affected.  What state has the highest food insecurity rate?  Write down the statistics for North Carolina.  Click on North Carolina and find Cabarrus County.  Write down the statistics for Cabarrus County.  Did any of this surprise you?
    4- Create something that can be used the help educate people and raise awareness for food insecurity and things people can do to help. This will take some additional research.  Be sure to include and relevant information, statistics, pictures, websites, organizations.....anything that helps to show people the severity of the issue and some possible solutions. You may make a video (like a PSA...don't know what that is? Google it!), some type of presentation, a poster, a letter to a senator, or anything else that you can think of that would help to raise awareness.  We are hopeful that some of you will really take this task seriously and will create something that we can show off to help raise awareness!  If you have any questions, please ask!
Last Modified on November 2, 2016