Darren Hartsell and a student at Jay M. Robinson lay of piers for a foundation.
Student from Central Cabarrus High finishing up block work.

Masonry Students Construct Foundations for Habitat Homes

  • Each year, masonry students from Jay M. Robinson High School and Central Cabarrus High Schools come together to lay the foundations for Habitat homes in Cabarrus County.

    Since partnering with Habitat in 2009, students at these schools have been able to take what they learned in the classroom and experience it first-hand on a Habitat build site.  “The students experience teamwork, build pride, build friendships with another school, and on-the-job training,” says Darren Hartsell, Masonry Teacher at Jay M. Robinson High School. 

    Not only does this program help high school students develop leadership skills and comradery, it has also taught them about giving back and paying it forward.  “They take pride in being a part of something that helps the community and individuals for life,” says Darren.  “Service learning projects are a Cabarrus County Schools initiative, extending the walls of our classroom and giving back to the community.”

    Each foundation gives our volunteers and partner families the starting point they need to build each home.  When the home is complete, it provides a Cabarrus County family with the strength and stability they need to build a better life. 

    Thanks to the students in Darren’s classes at Jay M. Robinson and Todd Hartsell’s classes at Central Cabarrus High School, we have been able to build numerous homes on the foundations they constructed.  “They love it,” says Darren. “[They] look forward to it every year.”

    Thank you to Cabarrus County Schools for their partnership with Habitat Cabarrus.  We look forward to working with the masonry students from both schools again this year. 

    Masonry Teacher Darren Hartsell created a video that shows the progress of laying the foundation for a Habitat home.  Click here to watch it.

    Article originally posted on The Habitat Cabarrus Chronicle

Last Modified on September 22, 2016