• Honors English IV

    English IV Honors is an in-depth study of British and Western literature as well as composition, a review of needed grammar, vocabulary, and the writing of a research paper. A thematic approach to the study of the literature is combined with the traditional chronological approach in an attempt to present the student with historical and cultural background for the various periods in literary achievement. Grammar is reviewed as needed. Emphasis is placed on the study of vocabulary to help prepare those who will be taking the SAT.

    Course Content

    In Honors English IV, we will study world literature that is grouped into four major themes that each focus on some aspect of the individual's impact on society. As we analyze this literature, we will use and develop skills in making inferences to better understand the literature, apply the themes to other contexts, and create our own pieces of literature. In the Honors English IV course, students will experience added rigor from the more intense preparation for critical reading, thinking, and writing at the college /university level. 

  • Standards and Objectives

    In order to prepare students for the rigors of academic work college and university level, this course will especially emphasize:
     *independent management of projects
     *locating and vetting quality research sources
     *writing concisely in academic settings



  • Curriculum Plan

    Cabarrus County Schools has used North Carolina's English IV curriculum to devise the four basic units of study, as well as focus skills for each unit. If you would like to review the maps, click here. While English IV classes at all levels follow this same pacing, the Honors level English IV course requires students to manage projects more independently and with less scaffolding. 
    Parent curriculum documents are also available on the Cabarrus County Schools web site. Click here for more information.
  • Instructional Materials

    Added rigor for the Honors level will come from several sources, including the treatment of novels and full-lenght plays; these include Macbeth, 1984, and various selections from ancient and modern literature. In order for students to prepare for work on the college/ university level, they will use guides to read and analyze these texts independently, and then to discuss their respective analyses in class. Additionally, students will each conduct an independent research project based on an issue related to a major theme in a work of literature.

  • Assessment

    This course will utilize multiple means of assessment. Students will have four traditional tests, one at the end of each unit, and will take the North Carolina Final Exam (NCFE) for English IV. They will also be evaluated through class discussions and Socratic Seminars, formal papers, and various informal means.

Last Modified on August 24, 2018