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  • Extracurricular and enrichment activities during the school year are a great way to enhance your learning and develop your passions.  Think about what you love to learn about and do, what makes you curious, what rejuvenates you, and find a way to incorporate that into your routine as on ongoing or special activity.  
    The opportunities referenced here are not necessarily sponsored or endorsed by CMHS, but we are happy to pass along information that may be useful to our students and their families.   Opportunities are communicated via our S3 Calendar and/or Social Media feeds.  Please be sure to keep up with these on a regular basis, as they change often.
    For specific club information, use the Organizations navigation menu at the top of this page.    
    TIP:  Go to the S3 Calendar webpage and click on the green iCal icon to get our S3 Calendar to automatically show up on your smartphone!   

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  • You can also use these searchable databases if you are seeking opportunities for enrichment and experience.

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