• English Language Arts (ELA)  


    Reading -  Fix-Up Strategies: Making Reading Look Right, Sound Right, and Make Sense, builds upon skills and strategies from the Word-Solving Strategies unit.  Its primary goal is to build independent readers who are able to read more challenging texts using a variety to strategies to read tricky words and also monitor for meaning. Students’ MOY running records and observations will provide information on how students already problem solve unknown words through meaning, structure, and visual cues, read fluently, and make meaning of text. 

     ***Check out Interesting Web Resources page for websites to help with reading skills.



    Writing - Nonfiction Chapter Books, students will synthesize information they have learned from various sources and collaborate with peers in order to teach their reader on real world topics. Students will learn how to write How-To books to teach someone how to do something. With help from the teacher, students will also research to find facts about an animal and combine those facts to write an All About book.


Last Modified on March 25, 2020