What is Honors?  
    Honors Course Overview


    English I Honors

    English II Honors is an exploration of literature, designed to create 21st century learners who are willing to think and live outside of themselves in an effort to prepare to encounter all types of people, places, and experiences as their journeys through education continue in high school and beyond.  It is a course that enhances skills to prepare students to be better writers, researchers, thinkers, planners, and performers.

     How does English I Honors challenge your student?

    This course allows students to expand their skills specifically in thinking, writing, and analysis of literature.  Students will prepare for the completion of high school and entrance into college by mastering time management skills, thinking on deeper levels through analysis of literature and upper level questioning, and by garnering the ability to look at literature through new view points.  Students will be challenged to ask questions which involve the text within the world and which force them to discuss pivotal issues and ideas encompassed in the world around them.  Becoming more thorough readers and more skilled writers prepares them for the road ahead.

    Students will challenge themselves to think critically about literature and how it is crafted. Rather than focusing on one "correct" answer, students will be asked to not only analyze works for theme and purpose, but more importantly to defend  how they came to their response. This often frustrates students who are used to commendation for knowing the "one right answer",  but learning to think critically is often uncomfortable and rarely easy!

    Standards and Objectives

    Beyond the NC State objectives, I have an additional set of standards and objectives that each student must strive to meet.  Each will be explored through the course multiple times in both course work and assessments.  Below are some college preparation objectives.

     A.   Analyzing

    B.    Organizing

    C.    Producing Text

    D.   Using Language




    Curriculum Plan

     The curriculum framework for the year may be accessed here ECHS English I Syllabus

    Click here to access the Parent Curriculum Documents.


    Instructional Materials and Methods

    Honors English I is teacher facilitated but student directed.  Students must be self-starters who develop the ability to manage time, studies, and deadlines.  Class is not consumed with lectures, although that method is occasionally employed, but is mostly filled with group work, class discussion, and abundant time for and conversation of analysis and ideas. Students are expected to supply their own copies of the texts listed in the syllabus (the library or second hand stores are great options), and throughout the year students will learn to use sites such as NC Wise Owl, Easybib, and other sites to aid in independent research. Through our studies, my goal is to send the students on to the next level with a confidence in their ability to think and analyze for themselves. 


    Students are given a myriad of assessments that speak to all learning styles.  Tests, projects, group work, presentations, individual oral responses and papers are among the assessments students will encounter.  At the end of the course, students will complete the North Carolina End of Course Test.  Skills to effectively tackle this test will be enhanced throughout the year, but will not be the main focus; our focus will be on preparation for future AP, IB and college level courses.