• Check out the Current Scholarships page AND the scholarships section in Naviance to get you started on your scholarship search. Then, conduct your own scholarship search by using some of the websites listed below!

Popular Scholarship Search Sites

When searching for scholarships, always start locally! Fewer students are competing for local scholarships giving you a better opportunity to stand out!

Undocumented Students

  • In NC, undocumented/DACA students do not qualify for in-state tuition and are not eligbile for federal or state financial aid (FAFSA). You will need to fund your education through scholarships from your college and from 3rd party organizations. You will see that many scholarships have a citizenship requirement, so make sure to search for scholarships with "no citizenship requirement" Check out the following links for more information and talk to your college adviser for more information!

Foster/Adopted Youth

  • If you are a student who is/was in foster care or is adopted, please check out the links below to see if you qualify for financial assistance:
     NC Reach
Last Modified on March 3, 2020