• Personal/Social Development
    Your health and safety is a vital component to your development as a young adult. Please click the below links to access different resources.
    Learn what you can do to enjoy college the safe and healthy way!
    Gym and health club directory to stay fit and healthy.
    Teens Health
    Teens Health covers a vast aray of topics that young adults are faced with on a daily basis. Please take a moment to visit this website.
     Have you ever wondered about learning to budget money? Your financial literacy is an important part of becoming an adult. Please visit this website to learn more.
    Decision Making Resources
     Are you struggling to make a decision? Click Here to help you through the process.
    Teen Relationships  
    Are you in a healthy relationships? Are you unsure? Please click above to learn about healthy teen relationships.

    Circle of 6 is a popular app among teens and college students that offers a way out of uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations. Your teen stores up to six contacts in her circle and by simply hitting an icon, a pre-programmed text message is sent to all of them. The phone icon asks the circle to call the user to interrupt an uncomfortable situation, which is great if your teen wants to excuse himself but is worried about seeming uncool. The car icon sends out a text message asking the circle to come pick up the user at her current location, which is delivered with a link to the location via Google Maps. The app has a link to a rape or sexual assault hotline, a relationship abuse hotline, and a spot for another custom hotline, so be sure to have a thorough conversation with your teen about those very serious situations.

     The Cabarrus Health Alliance offers an online BUSINESS DIRECTORY. This is a great resource for all health care services!
    The Cabarrus Health Alliance also offers public health assessment and wellness tools here:  http://cabarrus.nc.networkofcare.org/ph/
Last Modified on June 21, 2018