Cafeteria Meal Pricing 2017-2018

  • Prices
    Meals Include:
    • Breakfast:  Entrée with Fruit, Juice & Milk
    • Lunch:  Entrée with a Vegetable, Fruit & Milk
    Our Secondary Schools offered a choice of Main Diner Line, Quick Bites or Salad Bar Options.

New Meal Options for 2017-2018

    •  Garden Spotlight.  Will feature an Entrée Salad (BBQ Salad, Taco Salad, Chicken & Bacon Ranch Salad, Ham & Cheese Chef Salad, or Grilled Chicken Salad).  Meal will include fruit of the day and Milk.  Pricing as follows:  Elementary $2.55, Middle and High School $3.30 and $4.30 for Adults.  Check daily menu for Entrée optioned featured for particular day.
    • New Bistro Boxes.  Offered in our High Schools only.  Cost will be $3.30 for students (.40 for Reduced) and $4.30 for adults and includes fruit of the day, Milk and features one of the following Entrées: 
    Bistro Boxes


Last Modified on January 26, 2018