Policies Under Review - First Reading

  • The CCS Policy Committee has recommended the following policy revisions to the Board of Education for approval for 1st Read in January:
    •  2670 (new)         Business Advisory Council (required)
    • 3110       Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction (Required, Strongly Recommended)
    • 7130                       Licensure (Required, Strongly Recommended)
    • 7240       Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Workplace (Recommended, Required)
    • 4040/7310          Staff-Student Relations (Strongly Recommended)
    • 4240/7312          Child Abuse – Reports and Investigations (Strongly Recommended)
    • 7510       Leave (Recommended, Strongly Recommended)
    • 7530       Military Leave (Strongly Recommended)
    • 7810       Evaluation of Licensed Employees (Required)
    • 7900       Resignation  (Strongly Recommended)
    • 7930       Professional Employees:  Demotion and Dismissal   (Strongly Recommended)
    • 7940       Classified Personnel: Suspension and Dismissal  (Strongly Recommended)

    Summary of proposed revisions for 1st read January.

    Click HERE to see proposed policy revisions in Board Docs.

Policies Under Review - Second Reading

  • The following policies are under review for 2nd Read by the CCS Board of Education in January:
    • 6420       Contracts with the Board (Strongly Recommended, Required)
    • 6430       State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies (Strongly Recommended, Required)
    • 6440       Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials, and Supplies (delete policy) (Recommended)
    • 6442       Vendor Lists (Strongly Recommended, Required)
    • 6450       Purchase of Services (Strongly Recommended, Required)
    • 6560       Disposal of Surplus Property (Strongly Recommended)
    • 8210       Grants and Funding for Special Projects (Strongly Recommended)
    • 8510       School Finance Officer (Strongly Recommended)
    • 9110       Use and Selection of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, and Construction Managers At Risk (Strongly Recommended, Recommended)
    • 9115       Prequalification of Bidders for Construction Projects (Strongly Recommended)
    • 9120       Bidding for Construction Work
    • (Strongly Recommended, Recommended)
    • 9400       Sale, Disposal, and Lease of Board-Owned Real Property (Strongly Recommended)
    Click HERE to see proposed policy revisions in Board Docs.

Approved Policy Changes