• Our third reading unit is Historical Fiction.  Our goal for the unit is that students will understand that characters are affected and adapt to the events of the era in which they lived.  Reading multiple accounts provides a truer account of what happened.  Reading historical fiction can lear to student potential of being game changers (social activism).  Themes emerge from the challenges and lessons faced by characters throughout a quest.  Our goal is for your child to be reading on a level T. 


    Websites to use at Home:


    - Holocaust - facts about the Holocaust for kids 



    - Holocaust - this site has background information about the holocaust for kids



    - I-Survived Resources for Historical Fiction



    Number the Stars Resources:

    Learn about the Jewish faith and their New Year celebration Rosh Hashana which is the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar. This calendar is based on lunar months.

    The Jewish New Year: All you need to know about the High Holidays, and more. http://jewishnewyear.com/

    Click on Cool Stuff for Kids at http://jewishnewyear.com/holidays/tishrei/4831

    Learn about the Star of David. What does this symbol mean to the Jewish people?


    Learn about the ways the Jewish were treated during the Holocaust.

    The Holocaust - From a 5th Grade Perspective http://home.att.net/~RWfreebird/holocaust.htm
    (site created by 5th graders to honor those who demonstrated courage while living through discrimination, prejudice, and the Holocaust.)

    Daring to Resisit http://www.pbs.org/daringtoresist/
    (Read the stories of three women who escaped the holocaust as teenagers. From PBS. Includes an interactive timeline and videos.)

    The Struma Project http://www.struma.org/main.html
    (See a photo and read the story of this ship carrying 778 Jewish refugees in 1942. Find out how it was tragically sunk, leaving one survivor, and learn of an expedition to this site in the Black Sea.)

    When the Nazi soldiers came to Henrik's house, Mama was clever . . . . . .

    Mama walked quickly across the room, directly to the casket, directly to the officer. "You're right," she said "The doctor said it should be closed, because Aunt Birte died of typhus, and he said that there was a chance the germs would still be there, would still be dangerous. But what does he know --- only a country doctor, and an old man at that? Surely typhus germs wouldn't linger in a dead person! And dear Aunt Birte; I have been longing to see her face, to kiss her goodbye. Of course we will open the casket! I am glad you suggested ---"

    Learn what typhus is at http://www.ento.vt.edu/IHS/typhus.html

    Book Club Resources:


    Saving Zasha


    A Boy at War Test



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