• Honors Biology

    Below, you will find specifics regarding Honors Biology. This will include what to expect throughout the course and what extensions an honors student will receive in this class that is not taught in a general level class. If you have questions regarding the following, please contact the course teacher.

    Curriculum Content

    The Honors Biology course encourages students to continue their investigations and deepen student understanding of the biological sciences begun in grades K-8. In depth study of the following concepts is included: the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, the interdependence of organisms, matter, energy and organization in living systems, and the adaptive responses of organisms. The course will comply with the Standard Course of Study Competency Goals as specified by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Honors Biology will provide a challenging and rigorous curriculum in preparation for college based Biology Classes. 

    Standards and Objectives

    • Extensions to prepare for Bio 111 at RCCC:

    Curriculum Plan


    Instructional Materials and Methods

    Extension topics will be imbedded into the normal curriculum and assignments/activities will be modified based on these extensions. Modifications will include but are not limited to:


    • Intellectual debates/Socratic Seminar
    • Laboratory exercises with more real word/theoretical application
    • Learning through Collaboration, Writing, Readings, and Questioning
    • Assignments that require a more application based thought process



    Students will be assessed through many different forms depending on the units. For each unit there will be an end of the unit test.  Other forms of assessments that may be used are several small quizzes for larger units, lab write ups or presentations, homework/classwork, etc. All of these assessments will be geared towards preparation for the End of Course Exam (25% of their grade) and will incorporate the extension material into them. 

Last Modified on February 23, 2022