• To empower students for College, Career, and Life


    This is accomplished by providing students with a challenging academic setting, strong student support, a caring environment, and outside of class experiences that enhance the whole person. 

    Challenging Academic Setting

    To prepare our students for life in the 21st Century, we believe that learning at ECHS is not a spectator sport. Classroom instruction is engaging, hands-on and requires critical thinking. All high school classes are taught at the honors level.

    For students to have the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree in 4 years, they begin taking college classes in their first year at ECHS. Our students take these college classes with traditional RCCC students and they are taught by RCCC instructors.

    Strong Student Support

    ECHS has designed a strong support system to help our students be successful in their classes. Classroom supports involve giving students not only the information they need, but also the skills they need to be successful. Students are also given individual supports through faculty and peer tutoring before, during, and after school. Finally, school-wide support revolves around our Academic Lab (AL) period where students can receive help in whatever subject they need.

    Caring Environment

    From the staff to students, ECHS strives to create a sense of belonging in all of our students. The small size of the school and classes help provide students the opportunity to know everyone. Students also participate in activities throughout the year to help promote team building and group dynamics. Often the word “Family” is used to describe the relationships in the school.

Last Modified on June 6, 2019