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    Message from CCHS Student Services- we at CCHS Student Services want all of our students to know that we miss you. We also want you to know that we are working from home, and are available to you during work hours (7:15am to 2:30pm) on Monday to Fridays. The best way to reach us is via email (listed below).

    If you have Food, Housing, Medical or other needs, see Resources here compiled by our wonderful CCS School Social Workers. 


    Your CCHS Student Services Team (See contact info HERE)


    • CCHS Counselors have created a Student Services Canvas Course- all students are already enrolled in the class. In the course is a waelth of information, as well as Newsletters and announcements. Parents interested in joining as an observer should email their counselor and ask to be added.
    • Counselors and SSW Virtual Open House Video- from 8/12/20 see HERE.

    • New enrollments to CCHS- please take some time prior to your Counselor Enrollment meeting to review our special webpage information for new Vikings at https://bit.ly/FutureViks

    • Spring 2020 grade change- students/parents wishing to change their Spring 2020 CCHS grade from % numeric to PC-19, or PC-19 to % numeric must complete the following online form. This REQUEST LINK will be live until September.

    • Digital College & Career Planning Using Naviance - click here



    Get connected with us on Social Media:

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    Image result for facebook image Facebook @centralcabarrusguidance
    Image result for instagram image Instagram @cchs_guidance

    Updated REMIND message groups (since REMIND recently capped classes at 150 we had to get creative and make new classes so kids and parents can join our REMIND message groups).

    Grade Name of Group Text code to 81010 or follow link below
    12 CC Class of 21 Counselor part 3 @ccclass213 www.remind.com/join/ccclass213 
    11 CC Class of 22 Counselor part 2 @ccclass222 www.remind.com/join/ccclass222
    10 CC Class of 23 Counselor part 1 @23vikingcc www.remind.com/join/23vikingcc
    9 CC Class of 24 Counselor part 1 @24vikingcc www.remind.com/join/24vikingcc




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