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    • Are you wanting to make an appointment with your counselor? You can do that HERE.

    • Need help getting the FAFSA done? Sign up at http://tinyurl.com/y4npcf9d to get 1:1 FREE help to get the FAFSA completed.


    • CFNC info night en Espanol- come out on November 13 at 7pm and learn more about CFNC in your native language. See more HERE

    • We will raffle off an ACT prep book in CCHS Student Services on December 5th.

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    Updated REMIND message groups (since REMIND recently capped classes at 150 we had to get creative and make new classes so kids and parents can join our REMIND message groups).

    Grade Name of Group Text code to 81010 or follow link below
    12 CC Class of 20 Counselor part 2 @cc20part2 www.remind.com/join/cc20part2
    11 CC Class of 21 Counselor part 1 @21vikingcc www.remind.com/join/21vikingcc
    10 CC Class of 22 Counselor part 1 @22vikingcc www.remind.com/join/22vikingcc
    9 CC Class of 23 Counselor part 1 @23vikingcc www.remind.com/join/23vikingcc


    November 2019 Student Services Newsletter-


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