Re-enrollment for Transition Years

  • Beginning May 1, 2020 parents of all rising 6th and 9th graders will be required to update enrollment status for your new middle and high school students. Cabarrus County Schools is using the Scribbles on-line enrollment system to allow parents the ability to complete this process from their laptop, cell phone or desktop computer.

    There is no need to come to any of our buildings to update enrollment. Parents will be required to create an account in Scribbles and provide two approved sources of address verification information. Parents should be sure to have your rising 6th or 9th grader’s PowerSchool number on hand when starting this process.

    Parents will be required to upload at least one document from each of the source categories listed below:

    • Source 1:  Deed, lease, closing, settlement statement or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school's                                 boundaries
    • Source 2:  Current utility bill showing correct address.  

    If you are not able to provide a source 1 or source 2 from the list, please contact the school 

    Please be sure to scan your entire lease or deed. Uploads can be done through your cellphone camera which often has a pdf converter in the notes section.

    Parents can click here to begin registration or set-up your Scribbles account. Be sure to scroll to the "6th Grade Enrollment Renewal" or the "9th Grade Enrollment Renwal" as seen below:

    Grade 6 and 9 enrollment renewal

    Re-enrollment applications must be submitted by June 23, 2020 to ensure your child has a schedule issued at the start of the 2020-21 school year.



    Please contact the school directly for questions regarding your child's 6th or 9th grade re-enrollment application

Special Considerations for Enrolling During the COVID-19 Closure

  • During the COVID-19 state-ordered school closure we encourage families that have newly moved to Cabarrus County to stay connected to the school they were at during the closure to promote continuity for students if they have an on-line format.  This assumes that the student has not been withdrawn or dropped.

    If a parent wants to enroll her or his child while our buildings are closed but we are "in session" for electronic content we will accept enrollments though emailing the required  documents to your school's registrar or enrollment liaison.

    Please note that due to social distancing and the stay at home order we cannot notarize the suspension statement on the back of the form. Once schools are opened to students again we will require the parent come to notarize the statement on the first day back. If we discover the student is under a term of suspension we reserve the right to reassign accordingly



    A student in Cabarrus County Schools is assigned to the elementary, middle or high school serving the attendance area in which the student's parents, or court-appointed guardian/custodian lives. Information on attendance areas can be obtained by clicking here.  For information regarding the enrollment process, please contact the school directly. 



    To begin the enrollment process Click here to create a Scribbles account and submit a New Student Enrollment application 


    Parents/ Legal Guardians of students new to the district will be asked to upload the following documents, please make sure you have these ready when starting the electronic enrollment process


    -Photo Identification of Parent/ Legal Guardian 

    Sources may include Driver's License or Identification Card, Matricula Consular, Work Authorization Card, Border Crossing Card, Permanent Resident Card, Passport, Visitor's Visa


    -Two Proofs of Residency (one from each source) 

    • Source 1: Deed, current lease, closing, settlement statement or property tax statement showing the property is owned or rented by you and is within the school's boundaries
    • Source 2: Current driver's license, medicaid card, motor vehicle registration, current statement (e.g. bank statement, utility bill ) showing correct address.


    Child's Birth Certificate 

     Please contact the school if you are unable to provide any of the above documents


    Child's Immunization Records

    Students who do not have this medical information completed 30 days following the start of school will not be allowed to attend until the requirements are met

     If your child has current immunizations please scan and email these to your school's registrar or enrollment liaison.  

    Health  Assessment 

    Effective July 1, 2016 every child entering in a NC public school for the first time must submit proof of a Health Assessment within 30 days of the start of school


    If your child has had a physical or well check in the last year and you can access your healthcare provider, please have them complete the form and return to you. Please scan or forward the health assessment to your school's registrar or enrollment liaison as soon as possible. You must submit this form within 30 days from the return to school. For example, if school returned on May 18 you would have 30 calendar days to submit the form. 


    High School Only

    Official transcript showing credits earned


    To print out a list of required enrollment documents, Click Here

    Para imprimir una lista de los documentos de inscripción requeridos, Haga Clic Aqui


    To print the enrollment form, Click Here

    Para completar el formulario de Inscripción, Haga Clic Aqui


Last Modified on June 25, 2020