• MPMS Impact Through Education Awards - March 14, 2016
  • London 1      London 2
    What Others Have to Say About London.....

    "London is a wonderfully well rounded, open minded, and hard working student. She is able to be partnered with many different types of students in group settings and brings out the best in her partners. She leads by example in a quiet, nurturing, and inspiring way. She is quick with a laugh and smile that brightens the day of others around her."

    "London always seems to have a smile on her face.  She always gives 100% despite struggling at times with some of her academics.  She truly works hard to meet challenges.  She has a reputation of being concerned for the well-being of her peers and being an advocate for them.  She is very respectful to adults and always willing to assist. London is involved in many extracurricular activities and an example of a well-rounded student." 

    "Cheerful, always smiling, helpful, positive attitude. a real pleasure to have in my classroom."

  • Ryan      Ryan and Family
    What Others Have to Say About Ryan....

    "Ryan DeVitto is a fine young man.  Ever since he was in my sixth grade science class two years ago I’ve watched him grow in knowledge, character and faith.  He is self-assured, self-reliant, but more importantly selfless.  He always has a smile and kind greeting for me no matter where I see him.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him better through Fellowship of Christian Athletes/Youth Commission International club, of which he has faithfully attended and is now one of my group leaders. His kind and caring disposition, intelligence, positive attitude and Christian faith are attributes Ryan possesses that have molded him into a well-rounded student and pleasure to teach."

    "Ryan has a great sense of humor and an earnestness to assist his peers or teachers.  Over the course of the year he has improved his work ethic and success has been the result.  He contributes to the school through sports, basketball and baseball, and helping both the office and the library.  His smile brightens the classroom and his wit lightens the day. He has accepted the challenge of three accelerated classes in 8th grade and made A Honor roll."

  • Keith      Keith and Family
    What Others Have to Say About Keith Lee....

    "Keith Lee is the band director at MPMS and the assistant band director at MPHS. He works diligently to make sure all of his students are successful in the band program. Keith is a leader in the band community and sets a tone of excellence with his students as they prepare for contests and concerts. He is resourceful and always seeks methods to improve the band program at MPMS each year."

    "Mr. Lee is one of the best music teachers I’ve ever seen. He has the ability to get the best out of his students while producing a unified sound that consistently gets superior ratings at band competitions. In addition, I have witnessed him going the extra mile to help students outside the classroom. Mr. Lee has the true heart of a teacher and is a valuable member of the Mt. Pleasant Middle family"

  • Tonya      Tonya and Family
    What Others Have to Say about Tonya Taylor...

    "One of the hardest working, nicest ladies that I have the pleasure to work with is Tonya Taylor. When Tonya comes into the room, the room lights up. Tonya is a joy to be around. She is always positive and upbeat. Tonya always finds the good in every situation! She takes pride in everything that she does. She works so hard to make sure that MPMS is a great place to be! Tonya is always willing to help, even if it’s not in her job description. When you ask for her help, she is right there no questions asked.   Her creativity and love of making things look cheerful is an added bonus for our school! We are so blessed to have Tonya as a part of the MPMS family. She loves and takes care of our school, our students, and our staff!   Tonya has a wonderful way of making everyone around her feel as special as she is!"

    "Mrs. Taylor is the consummate professional. She has the heart of a servant inside the school community that is so needed.  The words, “That’s not my job” never come out of her mouth. The students, staff, and administration all recognize and appreciate what she does every day at Mt. Pleasant Middle School. Her positive attitude is infectious and helps make our school a better place to be. If I could clone her I would."