Student Exchange

    Cabarrus County Schools value student exchange programs.  The mixing of cultures and backgrounds provides students and staff members with unforgettable experiences and a lifelong appreciation of each other. 
    Initial Student Exchange Program Approval
    All student exchange programs operating in Cabarrus County Schools must be granted a full listing in the current Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and be approved by Student Services.  You can find an approved listing of these agents
    Acceptance of Students
    Student Exchange Programs representatives should contact the CCS Student Services office to review the guidelines governing exchange programs in Cabarrus County.  This contact should be made before contacting a high school to request a student's placement.
    Student selection shall be limited to high school students between the ages of 15 and 19 years who have adequate English to function without assistance in regular classes.  Students must have acceptable academic achievement in their native countries and be screened for maturity and the ability to get a maximum benefit from an exchange program.
    School Guidelines
    Applications will begin to be accepted on March 15, 2023.
    Placement in Cabarrus Co Schools and with host families must occur by August 10th.
    Placement is dependent on the availability of space in the schools and be at least one semester unless specifically approved by the high school principal.
    Exchange programs may not place more than three students in any high school (based on available space) each year.
    Exchange programs must have a representative residing in a contiguous county to Cabarrus. 
    Exchange students should  be placed in families with other school-aged students whenever possible.
    School assignment will be based on the address of the domicile of the host family.
    Exchange students are placed in the twelfth grade and regarded as members of the senior class.  Since the fundamental purpose of the exchange program is cultural exchange, student diplomas are not awarded. Students are awarded honorary certificates.
    Required Forms and Documents
    High School Acceptance/Enrollment Form (signed by a CCS principal)
    Student Application/Personal Profile
    Letter to the Host Family (from Student)
    Certificate of Health/Physical
    Proof of COVID vaccination
    Immunization Records
    Student-Parent Agreement to Rules and Regulations
    Academic Record/Transcript
    Letters of Recommendation
    ElTIS Scores
    Copy of Passport or Visa