• The following COPPA approved websites may be used by students at CMHS to produce projects online under the guidance of a teacher. 

    If there are suggestions for additional sites to be added to this list, please email Mrs.Parker (adrienne.parker@cabarrus.k12.nc.us).

    The sites were checked in February, 2012 for their adherence to COPPA Regulations.  See below for the age requirement of students to use these sites without parental permission if the site requires a student to log in.

    Parents that are concerned about these sites should visit them for more information on the privacy practices employed by each site. See the bottom of the page for some information about the COPPA regulations.

Appropriate for 13+

Apropriate for 15+

  • Creaza - create and share digital stories  

    History Pin - historic photos pinned to Google Maps 

Appropriate for 18+ or for use with parental permission

  • Teachers - if you want students under the age of 18 to use these sites, please be sure to ask for parental permission first.

    Go Animate - create online videos with animations

    Prezi - create animated, online presentations

    Slide Shark - create Powerpoint presentations to transfer and view on the iPad

    Three Ring - Take pictures of your work and add it to a portfolio.  Can be used by teachers, parents or students. Note- parental consent is needed even as a teacher for you to collect data from students.  Students can use the program if you sign up as a teacher and give them an access code to connect to your account.

    4.5.1. Customer is eighteen (18) years of age or older;

    4.5.2. Customer has obtained the express permission to access the files of each and every Student whose information or files is being used in connection with the Software from either (i) the Student’s parents or legal guardians if the Student is 18 years of age or younger; or (ii) the Student, if he/she is 18 years of age or older;

No account creation necessary

  • These sites do not require students to log in to use their services

    Button Beat - record music online

    Chartle - create online charts

    Dabbleboard - online whiteboard to use for collaboration

    Evernote - download to your laptop or mobile device and take notes that will follow you everywhere
    Fake Tweetbuilder - make a fake tweet

    Luna Pic - image editor (can log in to save, but not needed)

    Picassohead - create your own drawing in the style of Picasso

    ReadWriteThink Interactivities - use these interactivities to generate a newspaper clippings, cubes, and more

    Skitch - download Skitch to annotate over videos

    Tagxedo - create word clouds from text

    Tube Chop - Chop a video from You Tube into a smaller clip

    Viscosity: Create - Create desktop wallpaper or images

    Voz Me - create mp3 files from text

    Wordle - create word clouds to study text or as a visual aid

    World Hip Hop Beats - download hip hop beats to use in projects (Be sure to follow copyright guidelines)

No age requirements listed

  • These sites did not have information about age requirements in their terms of service or privacy policy (most are from outside the United States and do not need to post information related to COPPA on their sites.)  Check their policies before using the sites.

    CFNC.org - this site is used by many students as a college planning tool.  To fully use the site, students need to enter information usch as their address and social security number.  Students will not be asked to enter their social security number at school, so parents should help decide whether this is something valuable to your child when accessing it from home.

    eQuiz Show - use this to create jeopardy style games for review

    Harnu - See news and have conversations with people from other countries

    Kid Cast - create and share podcasts on this web site for kids by kids

    Mind 42 - create an online mind map

    Moodle - online learning management system

    Museum Box - create a box of items (can create without logging in.  If you want to save the box you will need to log in)

    Pixton- Very realistic, high quality comic creator.  This company is based in Canada so they do not have information about an age requirement.  Check their privacy policy for more information.  This web site offers a free 30 day trial, then there is a subscription cost after that.

    Rememble - create a digital story

    Revit City- for students that use the Revit program in drafting

    Schoology - online learning management system (need an email account to use)

    Screencast-O-Matic - Capture recordings on your computer screen
    Studyblue - Flashcard maker
    Symbaloo - Online bookmarking site

    Time Rime - online timeline

Last Modified on March 7, 2016