• Our third ELA unit is Raising the Level of Personal Narrative Writing.  Our goal for the unit is that students will understand that writers write about our personal experiences, allowing us to share significant moments in our lives with others while creating connections and opportunities to learn from others’ experiences.
    Websites to use at Home:
    - Writing Process - video of what the writing process is along with a game students can play (game up)
    - Show, Not TellFacts can be boring! In this BrainPOP movie, you’ll learn how to make your writing exciting as Tim and Moby help you figure out the difference between showing and telling. Find out how to use descriptive words and phrases to convey sensory experiences. You’ll also discover how to give your readers a sense of place as you learn to use active words to describe settings, moods, and feelings. You’ll even find out how you can use words to describe a state of mind. Remember - great writers are made, not born!
    - DialogueHe said, she said--it’s all talk all the time! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby open their mouths to teach you all about dialogue. You’ll see how dialogue appears in different types of writing, from novels to comic books to scripts for TV shows and movies. You’ll also learn a few of the rules that apply when you put dialogue into a piece of prose. Finally, You’ll discover how to make your dialogue sound realistic, so that your characters seem more lifelike! Just don’t forget the quotation marks!